Jack Smart is a wheelchair user, paralysed down one side of his body. He uses his left arm to propel the chair and when going up even the smallest hill or kerb he has to go backwards…until now.

Last week he took delivery of a Triride, a power assisted attachment (Power Trike) for his wheelchair. This Italian designed and built machine is lightweight, very maneuverable with a range of around 25 miles.

Cllr. Lynn Brailsford, a long time friend of Jack’s Mum Pauline, suggested that she contact Bexhill Lions to see if they could help with funding for the Power Trike. Lynn and her husband, together with Lions, Sue Saunders, George Coleman and President Richard Winrow joined the family to see the device being fitted by Matt Mohr from the supplier Motus Medical (www.motusmedical.co.uk).

After instruction on how to attach and drive the trike, Jack was on the road with Nathan from the importer, Triride UK (www.triride.uk). The four modes allow travelling at varying speeds over a range of surfaces that will enable Jack to become more independent and totally enhance his mobility.

Jack had been wanting one for the past five years and said “This is great, amazing and I don’t have to go backwards anymore. I’ll be able to go to the shops and visit my friends without depending on others”. His mum Pauline added ” This will really transform his life, we are so very grateful”.

Jack has always been as active as possible playing wheelchair basketball with Filsham Wheelers. The club was set up by him and his Dad but is now closed. He also had a spell at wheelchair boxing. Having found it difficult to get a job, Jack is now training on website coding, mentored by a relative.

Lion George commented “After being approached to help Jack, we visited the family to fully understand his needs. Jack is such a positive guy and we were delighted to be able to help him achieve his dream and enjoy some independence.”

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