Bexhill Lions Club is sponsoring “All Systems Row”, a team of six accomplished and professional women who will be pushing themselves to the limit as they row over 2,000 nautical miles, circumnavigating Great Britain in aid of the charity “Renewable World” . They are taking part in the “GB Row Challenge” race starting from Tower Bridge in June 2022. They will be the first of 6 crews to take part.

Before raising charitable funds to support “Renewable World” they need to secure sufficient funds to cover the costs of this epic challenge, around £40,000.

Four of the crew are members of Bexhill Rowing Club and one from Bexhill Runners and Triathletes. The challenge was brought to the attention of the Club by one of the crew, Lia, who is the grandaughter of a past member of Bexhill Lions. The Club has donated £600 to cover the cost of emergency safety equipment and will have its logo on the boat.

“Renewable World ” is a Brighton based charity dedicated to providing some of the world’s poorest areas with renewable energy resources, improving health and educational outcomes and combatting climate change. They have supported over 40,000 people with renewable energy technologies including 3,420 households and 222 institutions, small businesses and smallholders in 84 communities in South Asia and East Africa.

Community Services Chair Andrea Etheridge said ” This is a huge challenge for the crew who have been brought together for this demanding event. It will test them  physically and mentally and will rely on great teamwork. To date only one female crew has completed the challenge. In 2010 they completed the row in 51 days. In 2013 GB Row was able to procure £4.5m worth of media coverage including TV, internet, Radio, print and social media. This challenge is expected to build on this media attention. We are delighted to be part of this venture and wish them well for a successful circumnavigation and hopefully, a new record.”

For more information about “All systems Row” contact  instagram @allsystemsrow.

To learn more about Bexhill Lions  call Lion Rick on 0345 833 9591