Last year a Beach Hut was used as a low cost alternative therapeutic space for
charities, organisations and NHS mental Health services. It was used by over 50 organisations, who delivered over 400 sessions.

The Club has donated £450 towards the cost of a second hut that has been made available to rent for a year. It will be used primarily by terminally ill children, special needs children and charities that provide support to children who have lost parents/siblings. It has been decorated to be warm and welcoming withtowels, toys and furnishings. A mural has been donated by Wave Arts, a local not for profit organisation working with the local community to make it a better place for the next generation.

A CIC is being set up so that they can then apply for grants to keep it going. Sue Saunders, Community Services Lead said ” We are delighted to support this innovative initiative that provides a safe space for charities and organisations to hold mental health sessions, counselling and respite.”