Bexhill Lions Club has brought joy, surprise and a smile to many people’s faces during the past difficult months. There are many ways to celebrate special family occasions but none as original and thoughtful as being Flamingoed.

A flock of flamingos may seem out of their tropical element but they are completely at home and very happy here in Bexhill.

The Lions’ flocks of Flamingos have now been seen in over 40 peoples’ gardens and more visits are booked. The birds are ready to brighten up any day and also make a great experience for an original Christmas gift. In preparation for the cooler weather some of the birds are wearing festive hats and scarves!

Comments have included ;”what an amazing idea”, “It was my best birthday ever as so many people walking by stopped and congratulated me”, “Well done Bexhill Lions Club”. One gentleman had been in lock down for several weeks after a heart operation and expressed his heartfelt thanks. His wife, whose birthday it was,said she had such a wonderful surprise when she opened her curtains in the morning and at first wondered if they were real! She said they were very uplifting and they enjoyed watching passers by stop and take photos.

Organiser Lion Pam Edwards commented “We have brought a bit of fun into the lives of many during what can be a very lonely time not being able to see family and friends. We have Flamingoed many ages from the very young, teenagers, middle aged and elderly and a variety of celebrations including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and sometimes just to cheer someone up during a difficult time.”

All the proceeds from the fixed donations enable Bexhill Lions Club to continue its support of good causes. So do look out for these flocks in the Bexhill area and let people know by using social media. Spread the word, The Flamingos are here!

To arrange for a someone to be “Flamingoed” visit or call 0345 833 9591

For more information about how Lions continue to help the community or to discuss joining the Club,  call Lion Rick on 0345 833 9591  or visit our Facebook page Bexhill Lions.

Follow the link below to download the booking form.