Bexhill Lions Club made a significant donation earlier in the year to help local resident Laura purchase a customised wheelchair. Laura suffers from a condition (POTS) which causes her heart rate to increase dramatically when standing and also neurocardiogenic syncope which causes a drop in blood pressure when standing. This combination resulted in her having to use a wheelchair as it was deemed unsafe for her to stand or walk due to risk of injury.

Her new, lighter wheelchair, which Laura can self-propel, arrived in August. It gives her much more independence and made travel easier to and from Birmingham University where she is researching cancer genetics for her PhD. At the present time she is continuing this work remotely from Bexhill.

Laura commented “I absolutely love it and it has made such a huge difference. I would like to thank the whole team for helping me purchase this chair. I really, really appreciate it. I am more than happy to help the Lions in any way possible in the future. I appreciate all the help you have given me”.

Andrea Etheridge, Community Services Chair, added “We are delighted with this outcome for Laura. This is life-changing for her, giving her much needed independence. This is exactly the kind of help we are here for and makes volunteering with the Bexhill Lions so worthwhile.”

For more information  call the Club Secretary on 0345 833 9591