Flamingos and Lions may appear to be unlikely companions, but not here in Bexhill. A “flock” of pink flamingos is now in the safe hands of Bexhill Lions Club to provide some fun and enjoyment for those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, families getting together and indeed, any other occasion.

The first person to be “Flamingoed” was Joyce Welch, celebrating her 90th birthday. This had been arranged by Barbara Burstow on behalf of her “Ladies Who Lunch Club” of which Joyce is a member. Barbara joined Vice President Simon Edwards and Social Secretary Pam Edwards to wish Joyce a very happy and memorable 90th birthday. Joyce commented “What a lovely surprise, I could not have woken up to a better sight than to see a flock of 30 Flamingos roosting on my front garden, what a marvelous idea to lift the spirits during lockdown.”

Pam Edwards explained “I read about the pink flamingo FUNdraisers that seem to be the new craze in the USA and thought that they would really work here in Bexhill. The concept is very simple.

People make a fixed donation to Bexhill Lions Club and nominate a person to have a flock of plastic flamingos placed on their lawn or in the garden to celebrate a special event. It is a fun, harmless way to bring some entertainment and a smile to people’s faces. The birds will be delivered and set up early on the nominated day and then collected in the evening. They are passive, don’t need feeding and a flock of 30 of these elegant birds provide a great photo opportunity.”

So do look out for these flocks in the Bexhill area and let people know by using social media. Spread the word, The Flamingos are here!

To arrange for a someone to be “Flamingoed” call Rick 0345 833 9591

For more information about how Lions continue to help the community or to discuss joining the Club, call Rick on the number above.

To obtain the order form please follow the link below.