The Club has come to the aid of 82 year old Michael Healey, a local resident, in desperate need of a heavyweight intravenous (IV) stand.

He is not eligible for a kidney transplant due to his age and health, so needs to have home dialysis. This istwice a day, and three times a day on 2 days per week and it takes about an hour for the drip to run throughon each treatment. He has had to tie the drip to a coat hanger, hooked on a high up wardrobe doorknob and sit in an upright chair in his bedroom.

What was needed was a heavyweight mobile IV stand with wheels large enough and strong enough to help get about and undertake the treatment in a comfortable and safe environment.

Councillor Jay Brewerton was made aware of the need and contacted 17 different organisations, including GPs, Hospitals and even a hospice but none had one. She then put out an urgent appeal on FB.

Sue Saunders, our Community Services Chair contacted Jay to find out more. On hearing the details she immediately asked the Club to agree for emergency funding to be made available.

During her search Councillor Brewerton discovered that there is a real shortage of not just stands, but other necessary community equipment, with many people waiting months even years for simple things like this.

She commented on FB ” I want to say a massive thank you to the whole team at Bexhill Lions who came to my rescue to fund the IV stand. It is going to make a massive difference to one person’s life. Absolutely amazing thank you again”.

Lions Sue and Gary Saunders were joined by Councillor Brewerton when the new IV stand was delivered. Sue said “Michael is very grateful to the Lions as his dialysis will be so much easier and comfortable for him now.We are pleased to have been able to respond to Jay”s appeal and to help Michael at this difficult time. We wish him well for the future.”