Isabella Golez of St. Richards Catholic College was the latest winner of the Lions’ South East of England District Peace Poster competition, “Lead with Compassion”. Isabella was also runner up in the UK national final competition.

At a Year 7 school assembly Lion President Simon Edwards presented Isabella  with her Bexhill winner award and the District Governor then presented her with her District Award. The runner up, Oliwia Zietal andschool finalists also received certificates.

Competition organiser Stella Harris was there to oversee events and the District competitions officer also attended.

It was another high profile win for Bexhill, as last year  Lilya Brown of St Mary Magdalene School won the local Junior competition and District Competition.

Stella commented “Year on year the Club has seen an ever-increasing pool of artistic talent in the Junior schools which then continues to develop in the Senior Schools . It was back in 2012/13 that Luigi Salas won the UK senior competition and in 2021 the District winner was Amelia Magni and her poster is exhibited as part of the ‘Bexhill Art Footbridge Project”.

Simon added ” In the Junior schools they build on this prestigious art competition and encourage the children to talk about the theme and the issues around it.

I would like to thank the schools for their tremendous support of the competition and all the pupils who spend so much time designing the amazing posters. I’m really looking forward to this years’ Junior competition.”Peace