Recently, children at West St Leonards Primary School Academy arrived to see a lawn covered with pink flamingos.

Class teacher Sarah had personally arranged the surprise as part of their wellbeing day.

As the request was the 100th since the Fundraiser was launched, Bexhill Lions arranged an extra flock to celebrate.

During the day the children enjoyed a range of lessons and activities, many featuring the flamingos.

School Principal Dominic O’Regan said ” West St Leonards welcomed a flamboyance of flamingos to celebrate our ‘wellbeing Wednesdays’. The pupils were excited and delighted at our visitors who helped engage our pupils in excellent learning and friendship.

Thank you for all you do to support the community.”

Lion President Simon Edwards commented ” Our “You’ve been Flamingoed” Fundraiser has really taken off!¬†Initially we thought it would appeal to celebrate Anniversaries and Birthdays but we have seen them used in so many other ways; Get Well, Thank You, Just thinking of you, Good to have you back home, Celebrate. Our flocks are now ready to bring a smile to people’s faces as we enjoy a careful return to normal life.”

To organise a surprise for a friend contact Lion Rick on 0345 833 9591.

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