Bexhill Lions Club has made a significant donation to help local resident Laura purchase a customised wheelchair that will enable her to have more independence and easier travel to and from Birmingham University to continue her PhD.

Laura suffers from a condition (POTS) which causes her heart rate to increase dramatically when standing and also neurocardiogenic syncope which causes a drop in blood pressure when standing. This combination has resulted in her having to use a wheelchair as it has been deemed unsafe for her to stand or walk due to risk of injury.

The December 20th edition of the Observer had an article that highlighted her medical condition and the fact that she had opened a crowd-funding   “GoFundMe” account to help raise the necessary funds of around £3,800.

The article was immediately picked up by Lion June Hough and Lion President Andrea Etheridge then contacted Laura to fully understand her needs. The wheelchair that was provided is too cumbersome and heavy and needs someone to push it. Laura is researching cancer genetics for her PhD and needs a lighter bespoke wheelchair to give her more independence and one that she can self-propel.

Andrea then informed the Members of the Club who all agreed to support Laura and give her a special Christmas present. The Club donated £2,000 which was the balance needed to purchase it. The cheque was delivered to Laura on Christmas Eve. Lion Andrea commented “Laura was absolutely delighted, shocked and amazed that we could provide this funding”

Before returning to University, Laura met Lions Andrea and June. Andrea added  “Laura has now been assessed to ensure that the custom build meets her requirements and arrangements have been made to have the wheelchair delivered to her in Birmingham. Laura is facing her illness with an amazing positive attitude. The public showed their support by making personal donations to the crowd-funding and Bexhill Lions were delighted that we could add to that amount. She has so much ahead of her and we all wish her well as she continues her PhD seeking cures for those suffering from cancer.”

For more information on Bexhill Lions  call the Club Secretary on 0345 833 9591